Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Struggling to blog about anything. Okay, my grandkids make me fat

I’ve been struggling to find subject matter to blog about. I can put up recipes. I can talk dieting when I hate to diet. I can talk about bike riding, which I love and am addicted too. I can complain I haven’t lost much weight, and seem to be all over the scale, which drives me to drink wine, which causes me to gain weight. I can talk all that, but it just doesn’t seem very interesting. I heard a well-known blogger say, “Don’t blog about writing. Everybody does it and it’s boring.” That’s true it’s a bit boring and there is only so much I can say about my writing, and writing habits, and along with the wine, it makes me fat.
What else makes me fat is my grandkids. I’ve gotten better about eating out with them. If we go to MacDonald’s, I’ll get a salad without meat. They charge you less, and it deletes more than half the calories from the meal. A Southwest salad with grilled meat is about 320 calories, without meat, 140 calories.You eliminate 180 calories. Besides, I don’t want to know where their meat comes from. I swear wherever it is, it never actually lived.
Regardless, I do have a weakness for the fish fillet sandwich. I’m still not sure it actually hit the water. I’m pretty sure it never swam in the sea, ocean or outside a tank of some sort. Now I feel sorry for the fish. I’ll never eat another one! Okay, I’ll occasionally have a mental meltdown over all this dieting and have one so I can go through a period of self-loathing. Did you know they actually have more calories than a regular hamburger? Ya, know the little one, that I’m sure the meat was never a living creature hamburger. They are about 400 calories just for the sandwich. I think it’s the sauce. If you have the whole crazy meal thing, forget, you’ll really hate yourself. I like the chicken nugget things or use too. I had a trainer tell me once that chickens don’t have nuggets. A real chicken had legs, thighs, wings and breasts. He put emphasis on the breasts. Okay, I was convinced, like a sinner in church to praise the lord, I had been saved, but not exactly on the fish sandwich issue.
The other bad habit, I finally have broken is not to pick at my grandkids left overs. I use to do that with my kids, but then I weighed about 40lbs less and had a metabolism that actually did its job. The other day I made the grandkids mac & cheese (theirs and mines favorite) but didn’t eat any. I was doing the Snoopy happy dance at my sudden ability to say no to myself. I didn’t pick at their left overs, because there wasn’t any. I did have to take a taste test though, just a little one, because after all I was making it. If I had eaten any, like three bowl fulls, I would have thrown in the towel, celebrated my new self-indulgence with a  bottle of wine to really bring on the moment of ‘why bother’.
This weekend I’m going to spend on the coast with friends. It will be fun and so very relaxing. The great thing about it, we’ll be cooking all our own meals, with eating out maybe once at a local seafood restaurant. I’ll bring all my healthy stuff, and pretend I’m really working at dieting, or try to convince myself I can do this and watch the waves crash on the rocky shoreline. The beauty of living in Northern California, bathing suits aren't the main attire on the beaches. If you see someone sunbathing, you know they're on drugs, because it's fucking cold all year round. You can freeze your ass off in no time, as the fog frizzes your hair. We're a lot more into being warm then looking good in a tan. Thank God for that, I would not want to scare off all the tourist with this body.
I'm still struggling with a sprained ankle and torn tendon. It’s a real pain not just in my ankle, but in the ass. I’m hating it right about now. So hiking is out of the question. I plan on riding my bike like a maniac the days prior to going to try to make up for it, because we love our wine. 
On my boring writing life, this retreat will give me the opportunity to finish my latest WIP. I have opportunities all the time to work on it, I'm at the point of avoiding it. A whole other subject matter, I'm pretty sure is boring to blog about, other then my grandkids make me fat. It's nice to have someone to blame for over indulgences in life. I think we all need that, for just a second or two, until reality hits you upside the idiot head.  


  1. Hey, Lee, hope you're having a great weekend with good friends, healthy food, and lots of writing!

  2. I did have a wonderful time with friends. The healthy eat? Not so much but we had a blast!! It's always the best...