Mom's Beef Stew

1/2 cup of cooked bacon
1lb. Stew Meat
1 Cup of Flour
1 TBS onion powder
1 Large onion, white
2 Cups of water
2 Cans of beef stock
1/2 Cup of Ketchup
3 Large carrots
3 Medium Potatoes
1 Cup of Frozen Peas
3 Stalks of celery 

In a frying pan, cook bacon. Combine flour, onion powder, salt and pepper. Roll tenderized stew meat in flour mixture. Cover well. (I use a plastic bag). Brown meat in bacon fat. Add oil if it gets too dry. Chop onion and add to meat. Add water, beef stock and ketchup to crock pot or dutch oven. Add meat and beacon mixture and combine well. Salt and Pepper to taste. Add diced celery. Allow to simmer in pot for about 1hr. Then add carrots and potatoes, allow to simmer for another 2hrs. 

If at the end of cooking, the stew is too watery, add a tbsp of flour to thicken. Allow to simmer another 30mins, to cook the added flour down. 

If cooking in a crock pot, allow at least 5hrs, to cook. 

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