Monday, December 26, 2011

Moving on to the New Year & a wish pot

Christmas has passed. I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy celebration. Now that the presents are opened and we contemplate where to put all the new stuff as we contemplate getting rid of the old stuff, we turn to the New Year. I rarely make resolutions. I’m of the belief resolutions are made to be broken. I’ll make a resolution just for that purpose, because I’ll break it. It’s usually pretty stupid, so thank goodness I won’t follow through. I’ve yet to fully live up to a champagne induced promise to myself or to anyone else close enough to get the drunken promise. I don’t stand on the table and dance as I yell out what I’ll do for my life and the world in this next year. Those resolutions are usually regretted and forgotten in the hangover the next day. It passes away into oblivion as I down a few painkillers. So instead, when the celebrations starts and the ball drops, everyone kisses and my stomach hurts from the combination of too much junk food and alcohol, I put a little hope out into the big vast universe to do better in the coming year.
This year was a little different. No, I didn’t make a resolution on the table top holding a big full bottle of bubbly. I bought myself this time last year, something called a Wish Pot. It’s a tiny Chinese inspired pot, where you put a note containing wishes for the year. The wishes are written on tiny slips of paper and tucked away into the pot. This is a bit safer, no smoke or fire involved. With my luck a fiery wish would land in the neighbor's tree, catch fire, where it would fall over and burn down their house. No the wish pot is saver. 
My first wish was to see publication this year, and success with the book. I did see publication with Madness Under the Mistletoe, and it’s doing fairly well. It’s a Christmas anthology, so success has a window of opportunity.  It’s not exactly a beach read. One can hope, but it is unlikely.
The reviews have been mostly positive, with on average 4 to 5 stars. A couple 1’s, but I attribute that to someone having a bad day and are a bit cranky. So why not take it out on the star system.
I’ll fill my little pot again with wishes for the New Year on little tiny slips of paper and tuck them neatly away.
My husband, Poppy, claims it is psychosomatic, since I’m reminded of the wish every week when I dust my fireplace mantle, where my little wish pot lives. Resolutions have no such reminders, after all they are already out in the universe and drowned with painkillers. Whatever it is, it worked for me. I was published and the book is doing well.
Whatever method you us for meeting the years goal, best wishes in the coming year, happy writing and Happy New Year. 

How do you make  your resolutions, wishes or what have you for the New Year? 


  1. Yay - I found you! I just finished reading your story in Madness Under The Mistletoe - I have to say - it was absolutely fantastic. I'm so chuffed to have found you - looking forward to your next 'wish pot' publication
    Laura x

  2. Laura, so happy you found me!!! I really enjoyed writing that story..It was from the heart. Merry Christmas a day late...You can also friend me on FB...Enjoy...

  3. I'm going to really concentrate on two resolutions this year, sort of brainwash myself. I have five more days to figure out how. Ha. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Margaret, brainwash!! It is hard to stick with resolutions. I just can't, even brainwashing, I'm afraid wouldn't work. See you next year, can't wait to here how it goes, the brainwashing...

  5. I don't make resolutions. I'm with you, they are made to be broken. I like the idea of the wishing pot. I might just have to invest in one those.

  6. Cool. It worked. I was over at the site, WG, and suddenly my e-mail doesn't work. Computers! I'll try again, might be my bad.

  7. I love my little wishing pot. It really worked for me.

    I can't comment either at WG. Not sure what's going on. I let them know so they can look into it.