Friday, December 16, 2011

The Insanity of the Holidays

It tis the season to go crazy. Running around, shopping, mailing out cards, hearing from relatives you haven’t seen in years and don’t really like, but are being nice to, because well, it’s that time of the year to spread joy and happiness.. Oh, really..It’s more like it’s that time of the year for people to drink too much, act the fool at the company Christmas party that might result in divorce. Not yours, but someone else you revealed as having an affair with so and so, because of a loose tongue, because of drinking. Yep, it tis the season for things to go to hell in a hand basket very easily.
Why the attitude? I really don’t have an attitude; I’m sharing an observation on life during the Holiday season. It can at times really suck. Yesterday, I went to breakfast with my hubby and he asked one of our favorite waitress's if she was ready for Christmas. She grumbled, “I fucking hate Christmas. All this tinsel and joy gets on my nerves.”
Okay, don’t hold back girlie.
I’ve had Christmas’ like that, were I really hated everything about it. This year isn’t one of them. It should be. I think because November for me really sucked the big one, I moved on and got all my aggression out and over with in that month, leaving room for me to be somewhat joyful this month. I’ve decided you have to have at least one sucky holiday, mine was Thanksgiving. I was able to get all my hatred out while carving a turkey and pretending my dysfunctional family was the image in a Rockwell picture. We’re far from it, which didn’t help with my attitude towards Thanksgiving. It seemed once the leftovers were gone, I was in a better mood. No more food coma, I was rock’n.
Because November was so crappy for me, I was a slow starter with getting the house decorated, and forcing my hubby to drag down all my Christmas crap from the attic. His least favorite choir of the whole year, besides, dragging it all back up. Once we did it, and got done cursing, sometimes at each other, we were there, and put the tree up and decorated the house more than we did last year. Last year was a semi-moody Christmas.
I’ve now wrapped presents and baked, I’m on a roll. I need to bake more and will get to it done over the next couple of days. I have family coming in shifts over the next week, so my life will be chaos until the December 26th, when I’ll remind hubby again, that all my Christmas shit, which by that time, I’ll in general be pretty sick of including all the bell ringing, music and joy, will have to be packed up and put away.
Yes, I’ll regain my life back from the Holiday season. For this reason, I won’t be blogging until after Christmas, because no one reads blogs during this time of year. They’re like me, too busy dragging crap out of the attic, shopping, baking, dodging bargain hunters on a mission in the parking lot. In general I hope to survive the season and keep my sanity intact, until next year.  

Hope everyone has a safe and very Merry Christmas and Holiday season. I'll see you after the rush. Don't get run over by any speeding reindeer attached to a sleigh with a over weight dude driving and texting. 


  1. Hey girl, we'll talk after the holidays. I know how crazy it is for for you now. As you can see I'm actually commenting on posts. I did over at the one your recommended.We'll get together, and have a few and celebrate the new year. Merry Christmas.

  2. Hey Chica! We'll have to get together and laugh over a few about the unit...I've been reading your comments. Finish that story it's a good one..We'll talk after the holidays..Merry Christmas.