Brussel Sprout & Bacon

Depending on how many people  your feeding depends on the amount.

You'll need brussel sprouts, bacon, and lemon. 1 lemon is usually enough.

3 strips of bacon (turkey) cut into pieces and cook until crispy. Drain off any fat. If it seems dry, add just a drop or two of olive oil.

Cut into quarters the brussel sprouts and steam for five minutes. They should be a nice deep bright green. Be careful to not over cook. They get mushy.

Drain off any liquid and finish off  by putting them in the frying pan with the bacon. Add the juice of the lemon over the brussel sprouts and bacon. Saute for 5mins.

This dish takes away from the bitterness of the little veggie. If your a not eating bacon, just follow the steps finishing the sprouts in olive oil and lemon. That's a tasty dish too.

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