Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year of Writing

The New Year is here. We wait and plan, and often use the phrase, “next year,” blah, blah. It’s here and always full of hope. That is why it’s always ‘Happy New Year.”
We can forget the past year, because now it is really in the past. Whatever anger, pain or longing 2011 brought it is now truly in the past. There is only the new future and the wishes and hopes we have for 2012.
My plan this year is to write maybe four books. I just finished, "She Cried Wolf". I have three other books plotted out. Unexpected things happened in 2011 that threw me for a big loop. It knocked me to my knees for a short while, but now I’m up and running again, and writing. I’ve played a lot of catch up in December. November I planned on Nano, but I lacked the concentration. December hits and I’m wondering will I do the same thing again, with the holidays. I pulled myself up by my big girl panties, and said no. I’m going to write, and I’m going to finish the book.
I did it. By January 2nd, the book was completed. It’s not edited, but it is done. Over this week hard copies will be printed out and I’ll start with my red pen, while visiting my dad in the hospital. There again is something else that can knock my concentration off the shelf into a very deep hole. I’m determined not to allow it to happen. When I get home, I’ll go to work on self-editing, and then it goes to my editor. Then it will go through probably three rounds, and off to the beta reader. I’m a month behind, there is no turning that around completely and the book will be released in February. Mid-January was the original date, so not too bad. I went from six weeks behind to a month, to probably releasing it three weeks, if I work really hard, I might catch a week and release it two weeks late.
My cover art is in the hopper. I should see that in mid-January, and it will go up on my website. I’ll take a little break and start on the next book. As a indie author I do believe you should have at least three books out in a year. For me four will be pushing it. You’ll never see me write much more then that. It takes time and patience to capture the soul of a book. By forcing one book out after another, I believe some of the magic between the lines will be missed. It's just writing one book after another to keep the name fresh. It does make sense, but it's not for me.. If my books are good enough, (fingers crossed they are) that will tell my tale and my name will not be forgotten while I write the next release. 
The indie world is crowded, and grows every day with new books. Heck probably every hour. For me the greatest goal is to write the best damn book I can, that will inspire and entertain. The rest will take a natural course and follow.

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