Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Scourge and the Scalawag

I have two black cats that dominate my life and as I recently found out their little corner of the hood. One morning as I went running, I came across my cats, (who were feed and let out earlier) about two blocks from my house, corning some poor gray kitty. I was shocked to see my two ‘darlings’ that far from home, and embarrassed by their apparent bad behavior. I came upon the kitty’s version of WWE smack down, with my two in the lead for the tag team belt. I could see them hold up the prized gold buckle between them, with a pawed victory pump.
The Scourge is my older female diva tuxedo cat. She is pure and simple attitude. There are days she hates the world, her younger brother, the Scalawag, and me, the one who feeds her. The Scalawag, my little pure black kitty, who is so black the only thing on him not black, is his tongue and green eyes. He gets regular beatings from the Scourge, because he does love to tease her. He’ll run in the house go look for her, pounce on her and make for the hills because he knows if she catches him, he’s toast.
 Most of the time we assume the Scourge and the Scalawag really hate each other, but when their out in the hood, it seems they partner up to torture the less fortunate. They’ll also team up, to follow my husband and I on our nightly walks. Our neighbors step back as we walk by wave with our two black cats following. Hmm…. They jump around, play and chase each other, and I’m sure their spying out some poor unsuspecting other kitty they can return and bully as we walk. We’ve caught them sitting next to each on the lawn, watching the world go by. Once in the house, the Scourge goes back to ‘hating’ her brother, and the Scalawag goes back to giving her a reason for the hatred.   
When I came upon their tag team, their little eyes went wide, and they both ran past me, heading for home as I yelled at them. The Scalawag younger and leaner ran past his sister and gave her a good slap for dragging him into this mess that he was certain would bring down Nana’s vengeance. The Scourge stopped once and turned to eye the poor little gray cat with a “We’ll be back. You got lucky this time,” glare.
Since then I’ve kept closer tabs on the Scourge and Scalawag. Just today I was driving down the street and saw them at it again, corning some poor big old orange tabby as big as both of them combined in their tag team mode. I stopped my car, rolled down my window and yelled, “Get your asses home!” Once more I foiled their championship bid as they both ran like the dickens in the direction of the house.

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