Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Now I can Say I'm a author, a real author!

My book, She Cried Wolf was finally completed, handed over to a editor, then beta readers, then I formatted (with the help of Jill James) and up loaded to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.
Then I quietly sit, chew my nails, drink wine and freak out.
Now I wait for reviews, or lack of, or bad ones, or the drive-by 1 star, and drink the whole bottle of wine and continue to freak out, while I try not to check my stats every few seconds. Even though the book has only been released for one hour. I’m checking. I’m freaking out. I’m checking some more and waiting. 
I’ve been writing a long time and this isn’t my first manuscript. But the first I felt good enough to be published but not the first completed.
I’ve been down that long rocky road of rejections, enough to wallpaper my bedroom, down the hall, and into the bathroom. When self-publishing took the turn it did recently for all us little people, I jumped on the very overloaded and crowded wagon to seek publication, because the other more traditional way, wasn’t working for me well. Let’s rephrase that, it wasn’t working at all. But I wasn’t alone.
It’s not that I love to write, or am that good of a writer, but I love to tell stories. As an author, I’ve got plenty of material to work with, and time to write it. Self-publishing worked well for both. So I bit the bullet, had a cover designed, finished my manuscript, went through the editing process and asked friends and family to be beta readers, than learned to format my manuscript to be published, and at the end of it all I can say I’m a author, a real author.
Now on to the next book…It’s a bit addictive to see one’s name up on a book cover and a dream come true.
I’m a author..Finally…

Lee Lopez


  1. You were always an author, or should I say storyteller, one of the best, but now you can add published to your many artistic abilities. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Lee! Beautiful cover. I hope your book does great and gets lots of sales! I just downloaded my Nook copy. :)

  3. Thanks Stacey...I hope you enjoy it.