Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Writing during summer, or the lack of....

Summer is literally just around the corner and my writing time is sucked right up into the hot Northern California sun. From late summer to late spring, I’m in writing heaven. I have time to sit at my computer for several hours a day and write. Once summer hits, it’s gone with the breezes coming of the San Francisco bay.
Don’t get me wrong I love summer. I live in an area known as the eastern most area of the San Francisco bay, which means we dodge the June gloom of the city. The weather is beautifully bright and I want to be out in it. The first thing to take me away from writing is the sunshine and gardening. I love my roses and irises and spend long hours working in the yard.
Then there is biking and hiking. I love to bike in the morning to escape the heat, and hike on weekends through our golden hills at the foot of Mt. Diablo. Another distraction.
Then there is my grandkids, who spend weeks at a time with us during the summer. I try to write when they go to bed, but usually they wear me out, making it difficult to write. I just want to relax. Since I run and bike early in the morning that sucks that time up.
Then there is camping trips with family or just me and hub’s wanting to get away in the mountains to hike and get away from all things electronic. I often bring a notebook and write long hand during those trips. It’s amazing what I get done that way. No distractions other than a squirrel or the occasional bear at night.
The answer to this is to write as many completed manuscripts as humanly possible during the rest of the year, so when summer hits, I have nothing bending. Right now I’m in the middle of completely my next release and it can’t come at a worse time, with summer and all its distraction.    
I’ve changed release dates because of this situation, because it simply isn’t going to get done. I do love my summers, but they are my greatest distraction.

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