Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Writer's Guide to Exercising while at the RWA Conference

If there is one thing you count on while at the RWA National conference, there will be a gym and/or a pool in your hotel of choice. One of beauties of modern hotels these days, they have gyms and almost always have a pool. While at the conference, use them! If you’re doing great on your diet and losing weight, as you incorporate exercise into your life, take advantage of the gyms in the hotels during vacations and summer travel. 
To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of conferences. There is a lot of stress radiating through the air. I’m one of those personalities that absorbs the stress and emotions of other’s like a sponge. I feel the desperation filtering through the air, as writers all juggle for that magic moment of acceptance from peers and requests from a dream agent. To deal with the stress, exercise is my best remedy.
My plan to keep on my exercise schedule is to rise early, run or swim before breakfast. That’s easy for me, since my eyes open with sunrise. I’m going to try not to stay up too late. Drinking alcohol won’t be a problem, since I’m not staying at the hotel and will be driving back and forth. Need I say more.
To take extra time in the morning to either run or swim, will help wake up the body for the day. Both can burn a lot of calories ingested the day before. Swimming for 1hr can burn up to 600 calories. Yes, just an easy breaststroke will burn calories, because of the pull of the body through the water. It’s the best resistance training there is.
Running for 1hr at an easy pace can burn up to 600 calories. Just make sure you break a sweat. If the gym is busy and the equipement full, run around the building outside a few times. L.A’s air quality is notoriously bad. Just keep that in mind.
While at the conference, scope out ways to burn calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for walks outside in between workshops. Give yourself a little me time to de-stress. You might not lose weight, but may not gain any either.
Next week is the last week prior to conference. How to eat without over indulging, especially in all that chocolate!   


  1. With all the extras at a conference I think if you can come home without gaining any pounds you've won the battle. LOL

  2. I have my gym plans all ready to go!!