Monday, October 22, 2012

Ghost, Spirits and Hauntings. Do you believe?

Do you believe in the other side and that those who have passed before us can communicate?
There is a keen interest in the occult, paranormal, and ghost hunting appearing on television and in movies. With modern equipment, cameras, ways to read electro waves and images appearing on the internet. We have a closer relationship with the other side. It’s right in our faces, making it real. This of course is nothing new. It’s just become more modern the way we approach the possibility of seeing a ghost, communicating with those who have passed, and experiencing hauntings.  
Misty images appearing in photographs, is as old as photography. Those who’ve seen those dark mists moving across a room, is as old as storytellers. Families have their stories of Aunt Sally seeing grandma standing in the hall, waving right after she had passed. Every society has their ghost stories, and names for those who continue to cling to old places they once occupied in life.
In my life, I’ve had several experiences that have shaped my life and beliefs in the afterlife. As a child when my grandmother passed unexpectedly when I was ten, for a year afterwards, I could smell her around a large overstuffed chair where she would sit and knit. After a serious injury, I incurred while working in Law enforcement, (I was under the influence of very strong painkillers) I saw my other grandmother who had passed a few years prior. She stood over me examining my injury. Over twenty-five years later, I can still recall how she looked as if it happened yesterday. Her image still clings to my memory, as she smiled in a mauve colored rain coat with a plastic old lady rain cap on her head. Her glasses were spotted with rain drops. There had been a bad storm the night I was injured. She then said as clear as if she was in the room, “You’re going to be fine.” I was, although, during those frightening first hours after the incident, I wondered, as did my surgeon, who put me back together. Obviously, I am fine. 

My mother passed from life six years ago. I wasn’t with her when she passed, but knew the moment she did. I had the most incredible moment of internal peace. Two minutes later my sister called to tell me she was gone. Since then, I’ve had more than just a few incidents where I either saw my mother in a room or strongly felt her presence.
I had an incredible incident recently. My father’s behavior since my mother’s death, has been erratic and often childlike. We’ve had many difficulties with him due to his attitude towards us. I mentioned in a blog a few weeks ago, he’s making me crazy.

It all centers around a lady friend he moved into his house. Our concern, she brought nothing into the relationship of value. No property and no money. Apparently, her children are in the same situation.
One day, I had the strangest sensation. Someone whispered in my ear, when there was no one around me. I was in the middle of a conversation with my husband and turned away from him towards the voice. He said I had the strangest look on my face. The voice sounded like this odd hissing noise, as if someone was trying to communicate words through the tuning of a old radio. I felt this buzzing right on the ear. There was a moment of very light dizziness. My mother instantly came to mine. Later, I was told that my dad had bought his lady friend a ring that very afternoon right at that time. What I felt was like a rumbling in my universe. The emotional lines that connect me to my father vibrated as if strummed like a out of tune guitar. This situation is hard to put into words. That is all that comes to mind. This was like there was a disturbance in the force.

It didn't end there. The next day I was having brunch with a group of friends. I had tried to describe what had happened. It was so hard. When I left them I had my hands full, a favorite muffin for my hubs, I got into the car and I noticed my phone was dialing. It was calling my dad! I tired to stop the call, but my phone wouldn't cooperate. So I let it continue until my dad's answering machine picked up. I left a message for my dad telling him I loved him, and hoped he would come for Thanksgiving. He had been refusing, because of the influence of his girlfriend. She doesn't like him to be around us. This situation has been very heartbreaking and consuming. Before I left the house that day, I had asked my mother to leave me a sign as to what to do. To tell me something I'd recognize. I guess she decided I needed to call him. 
I’m a true believer that those who have left us stay connected. Although, there is no solid scientific proof, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had an experience of some sort.
Are you a believer and what was your experience?

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