Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My sanity, cycling

I try to ride my bike at least three times a week. I feel it has enhanced my health, clears my mind and during times of stress helps with stress related health issues. Since I can't ride and shot my own picture the shadow would have to do.

Riding is soothing and I get to meet many of the locals. The wild turkey can be a hazard as they are all over the place crossing the road. The vultures really are part of the Halloween feel of the season.

The house is the founders original home. It's probably haunted. It's in the middle of restoration, can't wait til it's finished really want to see the inside of it.
The field is Jalapeno peppers. When the corn is gone, the peppers are ripening. The scent fills the air, workers are covered because of the heat that comes from just touching them as they pick them.
The quiet ride home. Than to writing and try to finish my book!

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