Friday, November 9, 2012

Why do Women wear PJ's in public?

For the past two weeks almost every day I see a woman out in public in her PJ’s. Like the, ya know the flannel bottoms with the cute prints on them, obviously for sleeping. Hell, I have a pair myself, that are cute, pink with funny little animals all over them. I avoid the princess print, because I’m not such a princess type. This is my favorite winter lounge around the house after dinner style. Never do I venture out into the real world in my comfy PJ’s, because they’re just not that attractive, and my husband would disown me, and probably never go anywhere with me again. It’s hard enough getting him to go places as it is.
Every day for two weeks and I kid you not, I’ve seen women in the store in PJ’s. She comes from all sizes, ethnic backgrounds, and areas of town. The PJ wearing woman covers all demographics. I’ve seen her in the Best Buy store, looking at televisions. I guess hers broke that morning and she didn’t have time to shower, comb her hair and dress because she just had to replace it right then and there. Maybe it was a rush to catch football. In the grocery store, with fuzzy cute matching bunny slippers, her hair was put up in a messy ponytail, wondering aimlessly up and down the aisles. Maybe not all the sleep was out of her head yet, although it was afternoon. At Starbucks getting coffee, I guess she wanted to feel like she made it. At MacDonald’s getting breakfast, before they stop making it at 11 o’clock. The reason behind that appearance I assume is the same as the Starbucks one, it’ just homier. Then there was the one in the Apple store. Yes, the Apple store. I was picking up my new iphone, I don’t know what she was doing, but she was there in her hot chili pepper print PJ’s,(my daughter-in-law has those but would never leave the house in them), who looked like she literally rolled right out of bed. Messy hair, fuzzy slippers, matching top, no bra, (yep I dared to say that), talking to the nice young man in the blue shirt who works there, who was desperately trying to answer all her questions to get her out of his face and out of the store, in her hot chili pepper print PJ’s. She stood out like a neon light in their bright white clean store, with people in blue shirts.She was one hot mess.
I’m still trying to figure out why women would roll out of bed and go out in public dressed in their PJ’s. Sometimes, I’m assuming they didn’t come directly from bed because there doesn’t seem to be any certain time of the day they make their appearance in society. It’s an all-day anytime occurrence. They’re not selective about time. What I also find is everyone is very accepting of it. Unless they're like me and wonder in silence standing behind them at the butchers waiting for pork chops.
I’m beginning to wonder if I’m I missing a new fashion trend or something, because sometimes I see them in pairs. Mom and daughter, sisters, cousins, best-friends going out after a sleep-over, and roomies who are too lazy to make coffee. I’ve even seen them in diners. Not so much restaurants, but little diners. Restaurants can refuse service. Diners can too, but usually they just ignore it. I’m also wondering if it’s a California thing. Back east winter comes in cold. Here it’s a slower transition from warm weather to cold, so maybe they just forgot to dress. That might be it, the local weather. Whatever it is, I find it a conundrum.  
I like the Hot Mess PJ's. I'm going to have to get me a pair of those. But they are not for public consumption. Just for writing blogs. 

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