Friday, January 24, 2014

What's on my Mind? The lastest with Justin Bieber

Hearing all the crap in the news about Justin Bieber doesn’t surprise me. Everyone is scratching their heads wondering, “what happened?” Well, nothing happened, this is who he is and has been ever sense fame found him on YouTube. His family and the public just didn’t see it. Maybe his family did, but was so in awe of their little darling, they didn’t rein in his punk ass antics. After all they also went from poor to rich overnight on his musical talents.
What happened is Bieber turned eighteen, wasn’t under the thumb of mom, dad, managers and his ‘people.’ I’m pretty sure this young man was chomping at the bit just waiting for that magical age of adulthood, so he didn’t have to play the sweet-teeny-bopper heart throb anymore, and be all nice to the camera, as the boy next door. Oh, I bet his neighbors in Calabasas have plenty to say about the ‘boy next door.’ Deep down in Bieber’s little soul, he felt he was really was some little Canadian thug and damn it anyways, was going to show the world and all those haters, what a tough guy he really was. He’d make sure he was taken seriously. How to achieve that? Behave like a little punk. He has become proficient at stupid, childish, out of control, and attention getting self-destructive behavior. If you want the world to take you seriously, this isn’t the way to do it, cowboy. All he is a wanna-be a thug, in pants slung down below his ass, (good thing he didn’t have to run from the cops, now that would have been a sight) with a million dollars in his pocket. He can buy friends, which apparently he does, quit often, along with cars that cost more than my house.  
The next question, ‘Where are his people?’ Oh, they’re there, collecting their paychecks, and I’m fairly certain, kissing his skinny ass. Because to suddenly act on Mr. Bieber’s most recent run in with the law, which landed him in a delightfully brightly colored orange jumpsuit in front of unimpressed judge, for a DUI, is a PR nightmare. How to handle it? Tell this nineteen year old millionaire who controls the purse strings and one’s job, he really needs to straighten up and fly right. Well I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. If that happens, I’m sure his PR people are packing up their desk, computers and pictures of their kids from Biebers life and joining the ranks of the unemployed. It’s tough working for a teenager.
Apparently, Mr. Bieber isn’t getting it and no one is helping him get it. He’s goal to create a bad boy image, isn’t working. I’m sure he LOVED being searched for weapons in his car. That would cement the thug image. He really just is creating the image of a millionaire spoiled brat young man, with way too much time and money on his hands. Mama needs to come down from the cold north of Canada, slap him upside the head, and drag his ass home. In law enforcement, we’d called it, the come to Jesus lecture. He really needs that, along with a good dose of a reality check. Mama stated once she never comments on her famous son’s behavior, because he’d never talk to her again. Well, maybe she should, and take that chance. Adult or not, he’s still a teenager, who needs his parents to tell him what’s up and how it’s going to go down.
I doubt his recent run in with the law, will change anything. He came out of custody, waving at his fans. “They love me, they really love me. I’m a thug.” Although, the rumor is he was crying in custody. I guess being a real thug was a bit scary.
In the past he often ranted about his ‘haters.’ Obviously, he has trouble understanding, not everyone loves him or his music. I’m personally not a fan of his music, nor were my grandkids. I don’t think it’s good or bad, it’s just not what my grandkids listened too.
Somewhere along the way something happened to this young man. He’s slowly slipping into that, I was once a child star of great fame and talent, to now I’m an adult, and not so cute anymore syndrome. So what can I do to get attention? He needs to take a look at Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, both of which when they turned eighteen also went off the deep end. They also had people, who actually fought to help them and ended up on unemployment because of it.
Bieber needs to remember he isn’t entitled, special or a God. He’s just a rich kid who throws $7,500 at a very happy stripper. If he wants to change his image, (not sure he’s willing to give up the thug shit), he could donate that amount of money and more to feed the homeless. He has money that could do a lot of good. He could do a lot of good for a lot of kids and homeless families. Occasionally, he’ll pop up at a children’s hospital or something, but that is very far and few between moments.
If the rumors are true and Bieber was crying his eyes out when he was arrested, after mouthing off to a cop, it could signal, this kid needs help. He’s been left to his own devices and it hasn’t turned out too well. He’s mixing alcohol and prescription drugs and who knows what else. If he doesn’t get help, he could end up dead. That young man needs to look at the history of the rich and famous, see how many with his behavioral habits are still living the high life or even still alive.      

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