Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being a Blogger is about, What the hell am I going to write this week!? Crap!

Sunday is my blog day. I run early in the morning, weather permitting, and mood permitting, I go to breakfast with my husband, Poppy, at our favorite dive. He jokes and flirts with the waitresses; they probably think I’m cranky, because I don’t say much, because my mind is whirling around, ‘what the hell am I going to blog about this week!?’ We run a couple errands, by the time I hit my front door, I’m in blog mod, or trying to be, as Poppy gaps about stuff I’m not really listening too, at all, not even a little, because I’m trying to figure out, “what Hell am I going to blog about this week!?” Besides, the one sided conversation is usually about golf and that is like watching grass grow. Oops, I hope he doesn’t read this. He rarely does, but one never knows.
The reason Sundays are the big stressful blog day, it’s the quietest day of the week in my house, due to golf. I shouldn’t complain, because if Poppy isn’t playing it, he’s watching it. I sneak off into my corner of the universe in our house and wonder, ‘what the hell am I going to blog about this week!?”, in quiet contemplation. It’s more like pulling my hair out, but still it’s contemplation in its purest form. I don’t just blog here at my website, but I blog for ‘The Happy Healthy Holistic Pet’, every Monday. I just started a new blog with writing buddy, and good friend, Jill James, Two Indie Ladies, I blog every other week there, and have returned to ‘The Naked Hero, the last Saturday of the month.  Add an occasional guest blog and there is a whole lot of blog’n going on in the Lopez household.
Last Sunday, everything sort of was put off to the last minute. So right here at my own website, I didn’t get a blog done, because I procrastinated about the pet blog, and Two Indie Ladies, and I had to add a book review, pulse it is the last Saturday of the month coming up which meant, The Naked Hero. It taught me a lesson, don’t procrastinate on blogs! That was what I’m committed to for Lent, 46 days of no Procrastination. One can only hope. I know Poppy does.
So this week, I started early and am changing my schedule up a bit and wrote this blog on Sat. Realistically, that isn’t always possible, all my working friends have Saturday’s off, and family stuff always falls on a Saturday, but this week, I got it done early. And what did I blog about? Procrastinating about blogging, while I was still wondering “what the hell am I going to blog about!?”
Since I’m involved in more than one writers blog, I’ve decided to make another change right here, and this blog will be more personal, I hope fun, and still be about writing, but with a lot of other stuff, that really doesn’t fit in my other blogs. Writing about my two cats, really doesn’t cut it, and it’s not why readers go to those sites, so I'll leave it for here.

Here’s my crazy blogging schedule:

1st & 2nd week of the month- www.twoindieladies.wordpress.com
Last Saturday of the month- www.thenakedhero.com

Next week, where do I get my blogging ideas. You’ll be surprised.

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