Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where the Hell, Do I get my ideas to blog. Vogue and Vanity Fair, where else.

When I'm stuck and I'm at the point of what the hell am I going to blog about, and does anyone really care. I travel around the internet and read other blogs, and decide whether or not those authors are close to being right, (in my mind) or way off base, pick up a subject here and there, and write my own little not so important opinion. It sort of works that way. But, honestly my best source for blog ideas comes from a very odd source, magazines. I don’t mean Writers Digest, or Writers, or something pertaining to writing and publication, I get it from Vogue and Vanity Fair. I know it’s that ‘say what moment’.
Yes, Vogue and Vanity Fair. I’m not a fashionesta or do I care about celebrities. Really celebrities on a good-day just simply behave badly. What draws me in and keeps me turning the pages is the writing, the articles, and quality of the information. I don’t read about the Milan runway, or what new starlet is making a move up the ladder, I usually read about business and politics. It’s the way the articles are put together that intrigues me and keeps me reading. Amazingly, I get ideas for my blogs from these articles that have absolutely nothing to do with writing or anything, I blog about. Its my blog muse. 
Maybe its wishful thinking, that I can write like that or someone would read my stuff and feel the same. It’s a fantasy I like to believe in every time I sit down at the computer to write a blog. And I write a lot. This week alone, this is my third of five blogs, I’ll be doing this week. Plus, working on my WIP. Each blog is different from the other. Someone just give me a gun to end it all. Oh, I’m a retired cop, so I don’t need to borrow one. Honey, are our weapons clean? Sigh….
The good thing about blogging it gets the name out there into the universe as I prepare to release my first solo book, She Cried Wolf. Last November I was part of a now defunked anthology that was a total and complete disaster from day one. And I do mean completely a disaster from the moment it was released. It certainly was a learning experience for me. So solo it is, for this gal.
So I guess I’m blogging a little bit about getting my book out, as I equally try to get my name out there among the minions of other budding authors. Go over to www.twoindieladies.wordpress.com and read that blog about promotional tools in our little basket of tricks. None of which is proven to work, but we do hope it might sell a book or two, okay maybe five. Blogging is among them. 
This blog is the beginning of writing a more personal blog, somewhat away from my writing life. It does make it less stressful and won’t be traveling around the internet looking for ideas, at least for this blog. A good friend of mine once told me, I blog or write from my gut. I’m not always so PC, because honestly, I don’t care about Polite Company, as my mother would call it, or Politically Correct as I’d say today, even if I do read political articles in Vogue. At the end of the day I really don’t care who I upset, or who knows what… I still sleep well at night. So we’ll see what happens, as I try to come up with things to talk about here. It will be my real writing from the gut, with an opinion or two, that I might get from the internet, or maybe a Fly Fishing mag.. One never knows.

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