Friday, July 20, 2012

The Writer's Guide to avoid to much over indulgance at the RWA Conference

Here we are just a week away from the RWA conference. I’ve worked hard to lose the 12lbs for the conference. I have missed my goal, which I might make by Monday when I’ll be driving down to L.A.
Now the challenge of not to over eat, over drink and over indulge in more chocolate then I need in a lifetime. I plan on staying on my diet plan, or stay pretty close to it. Because I’m staying at a friends condo, I do have access to a kitchen, which means I will prepare some of my meals. Most likely it will be breakfast, since I’ll be at the conference hotel the majority of the day. I’ll be meeting with friends for dinner and drinks here and there. I’m really not going to worry too much about it since I’m there to have a good time.
Plan on gaining weight. Travel creates stress hormones that can cause the body to retain water, which translates into blotting. Air travel especially is fantastic for this little bad habit of our bodies. Being away from home, eating at odd hours can also cause those same stress hormones to explode. Add putting foods in your system you haven’t eaten in a while, along with high sugar deserts and alcohol, plan on gaining at least 5lbs, even with exercise. The good news, when you get home and back to your normal routine, it will all go away very quickly.
How to avoid too much weight gain:
  • Eat a balanced breakfast. I know I sound like a commercial. Make sure part of the breakfast contains some kind of protein. Eggs, with toast and fruit, will keep carvings down, and the hunger at bay. Protein is the most important part of this because it balances your glycemic index.
  • Avoid too much caffeine. I know I’m talking to a bunch of writers, whose life line is coffee and chocolate. Caffeine can stimulate the appetite, which if you allow yourself to get too hungry and can cause some over eating of the wrong kind. Like chocolate. Essentially what it does is cause your sugar to drop, which translates to feelings of starvation.
  • If possible carry a little healthy snack in a purse. Nuts, with trail mix or fruit. It helps with the carving by keeping the sugars in your body balanced.
  • Drink tons of water. At every opportunity drink water. Carry a bottle with you in your bag. Again it helps keep the body flushed and sugars balanced.
  • At the RWA luncheons, try to keep it balanced. I’ll eat usually a vegetarian lunch, so I can get extra vegetables for the day. Then eat a regular meal at dinner for the protein. I try not to eat all the pasta on the plate, especially if its covered in white sauce. If there is a choice between white and red, go with the red. The same with wine, red is healthier. 
  • If you can resist the rich deserts the hotel offers at the luncheons and dinners, pass them off to someone else, or just send the waiter away with it. 
  • Alcohol. Think this, for every drink, drink as much water. It will keep the body flushed and sober. Don’t drink to excess, hangovers are another diet killer, and the water retention will really show.
  • The chocolate. Dark chocolate has the least amount of sugar and is actually good for you. Try to stay with that if possible. Nibble small pieces if you can't resist and slowly. 
The main thing have a good time, and try to practice some of this while having that good time, and you'll come home less blotted. One thing to remember, if you can stay away from processed foods, do it. It will add to a already stressed body. Eat healthy greens and fresh fruits when available. If the hotel your staying at will bring a refrig up to your room, take advantage of it to store healthier foods. I don't eat dairy. So for me to avoid dairy at conferences at times can be a challenge, which is why I like to have a refrig where I can keep my coconut creamer, almond milk, and the breads I eat that aren't whole grain. Yes, I don't eat whole grains. I try to stay gluten free if possible.

Eating at a convention is a challenge if your trying to be good. Enjoy yourself and make that u-turn when you get home. For now do the best you can and don't stress, because stress hormones will set your glycemic index on it's head and ask your body to store fat. The best advice, remember don't spike your sugar, because you'll crash feel tried and hungry..Keep it balanced. 

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