Friday, November 30, 2012

Exercise during the cold winter months

I'm a outdoor exerciser. I love to bike, run, hike and walk, all outdoors. When the rain hits here in Nor Cal, I move indoors to my treadmill. It's just not as refreshing starring at the television. I love to be outdoors with the birds, fresh air and other little critters when I'm working on my cardio. I feel alive and all sweaty and tingly. I know it's, I'm easily made happy with such simplicity.

There is different ways to get cardio if you don't own a treadmill or belong to a gym:

  • Walk in malls before they open. Take the stairs. I love to run stairs.
  • If you have stairs in your house, go up and down. Use them to your benefit.
  • Jog in place. If you don't have an knee or hip issues.. 
  • Invest in a bunching bag. One with a stand, paste your bosses face on it and go to town. 
  • There is numerous Zumba CD's that are very inexpensive. Zumba is fun. I've been looking for a Bollywood one. Now that would be a workout. 
  • Exercise CD's. Start slow, some are pretty intense. 
  • On demand exercise programs from your cable provider. Something for everyone. 
  • Stand in place, lift your knees to her chest, or as high as you can from a standing position while raising your arms over you head.
  • Yoga classes or teach yourself how to do it.
  • I increase my weight training in winter.Weights are inexpensive. You'll burn calories all day after a good workout. Remember to always start out light. 
  • Turn on your favorite music and dance like a fool or until you sweat.

Always stretch and warm up before any activity to avoid injury. Take it from someone who was laid up since August with a torn tendon. I've just been able to return to running and walking any distance. WARM UP!

Above all enjoy what you're doing. You have to like it in order to keep going back.  

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