Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dieting during the Holidays

This is the most wonderful time of the year, in some ways, but in others its a flipping disaster, especially when it comes to dieting.

What to do?

Don't diet.

I don't mean throw in the towel and abandoned what has been so hard won over recent months. I'm just saying don't diet on Thanksgiving, during the holiday parties, on Christmas and New Years, oh and the Super Bowl.

The way to get around everything. Beef up your exercise program a bit. Add a extra couple of hours a week to burn off all the festivities that were indulged in. Enjoy parties. Try not to snack in between meals on all the sweet stuff sitting in the office break room. Nipple, don't over indulge. Head for the veggie platters first and fill up.

On the big days, throw the diet out and enjoy. If you've lost weight in the past few months, you're not going to gain it all back in one meal. The weight you do gain over night, is water. The body isn't use to all the sweets, alcohol, and rich heavy foods. It reacts with water weight gain. As it fights to regain it's footing with all the different foods, it will take a lot of extra energy, so it slows down, leaving you feeling sluggish.
Drink tons of water. It helps to flush the system out.

On the days you're not partying, go right back to your diet and add a little extra cardio to the routine.

Don't stress and obsess over the scale. Stay away from it for now. You're going to gain a little weight. It's impossible not too.

Don't fast during the holidays. Wait until January, when you won't waste your fasting efforts.

Above all enjoy the holidays, family and eat grandma's pumpkin cheese cake. Not the whole thing, but at least a slice.

Have a wonderful holiday and eat that turkey!

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