Tuesday, November 13, 2012


NANO has proven to be a great tool for me to start and finish my resent works. I finished one manuscript and started a new one while editing the first one. So far I've written a total of 18K words. The goal of course is 50K at the end of the month, by the November 15th I should hit 25K.

This new work is a sequel to She Cried Wolf, and I'm really excited about getting it started. I've had so many request to write a sequel it's been very surprising. Irene Carlotti and Rio DeJesus are coming back to solve yet another case. This one is a cold case that has haunted Rio since his retirement from the FBI. It was the one that always kept him a wake at night. Now it is again. So thanks to NANO it should be out early next year. Fingers crossed.

I just need to write like I'm NANO all the time. To all you NANO writers keep writing.

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