Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eat through the Holidays

The holiday rush is on. Since last week, I've attended more then my share of parties, get together's, luncheons, brunches, and it's not over yet. I feel the difference this time of year, in my body. I'm not exercising as much. I'm eating things I normally don't eat and then there is the stress of it all. During stressful times, the body will retain water. Keep that in mind, if you're getting on the scale and finding although you've been good, you've gained a couple of pounds, it's most likely water weight.

How am I handling it with my diet?

Well, I do my best to eat as light as possible when I'm out. I try to be the driver, then I don't drink. I'm making sure I'm juicing my kale and beet, drinking that every day, eating a combination of 5 fruits and veggies daily. I'm also saying no to a lot of sugary sweets. I haven't done my big baking yet. That will happen this week, at which time most of it will be given away. Hubs and I will have a sampler.

Don't expect to lose weight during the final push to Christmas day. Don't sweat over it, don't weigh yourself, just do the best you can. Take the stairs at work, run a little longer in the morning, give the dog extra walks. It all helps. After the big day, try a two day fast, then don't worry about celebrating New Years. Go for it, have fun. Throughout any sweets that are left. You're no longer obligated. Then go through another two day fast, and back on the diet. Tighten it up a bit for a couple of weeks and you'll bounce right back.

After the first of the year, I'm going strict vegan for a month. That should be interesting.


Hubs has some healthy issues we need to straighten out. As much as I work-out and eat healthy, he is a junk food junky. We're going to work on him losing weight. He seems very receptive this time to the idea, especially since his doctor told him to get the WEIGHT off!

It will be a month of cleansing. We'll see what happens. I hope to do a video diary of it, if he cooperates. 

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