Saturday, March 30, 2013

Training for a marathon. Keeping safe. Part Two

I love to run, but the reality of being outdoors, things happen. 
There are some hazards to be aware of:
  • Stepping off of curbs, always look over the right or left shoulder for turning traffic.  
  • Run on assigned paths. DON’T run in bike lanes! If it can avoid it, don’t run on streets or roads.
  •  Don’t wear ear plugs with music blasting. Someone coming up from behind won’t be heard. It could be a person or a dog.
  •  If running during dawn or dust, wear a head lamp to be seen by oncoming traffic, cyclists or runners.
  • Always wear bright colors to be seen. 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. 
Pepper Spray: I carry pepper spray. I don’t advice everyone carry it. I’m trained in how to use it from my years in law enforcement. If you’re considering carrying pepper spray for protection while running, think carefully, before you buy. Go to your local police department and see if they are giving free instructions on how to use pepper spray. They often will give some simple defensive tactic courses for runners. Few know that pepper spray doesn’t work on everyone, especially the insane and druggies. If you carry it and are threatened while running, be ready to use it if you pull it. Don’t threaten, just spray. Then turn and run like you’ve never run before, screaming.
Tasers: Tasers are a defensive tactic I don’t like to see runners use. The small personal Tasers on the market come in all kinds of colors, including pink. What I don’t like about them, they’re no good unless you’re right up on top of someone and have to press the Taser into their body. It’s a very dangerous place to be for anyone. The Taser can be taken away easily, and used on you. Never use a defensive tactic that requires grabbing or touching an assailant. Becoming over whelmed by them is a real possibility in those situations. Things can go bad, very quickly. Just be aware.  
Defensive Tactic Courses: Defensive tactic courses are always a good idea. Some police departments give courses for free. Whatever you decide to do, the idea of use of force tactics is to get away from the assailant, not stand and kick ass. You might want too, my advice, don’t. Get out as fast as possible. Pepper Spray and a Taser will knock someone down. That’s the goal, to get away, not stand and fight.
The key to safety is to know the area. Run when there is plenty of light. Try to run on well used busy trails. Keep a charged cell phone on your person, go forth run and have fun.


  1. And that's why I don't run :o) (not really I'm just lazy!) I'd so love to do a defensive course though - great idea

    1. Unfortunately, our world is a crazy and often dangerous place. Defensive tactic courses can be fun, and I think everyone should know how to at least get away from someone who might grab you. Runners are particularly at risk for bad guys.