Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New book Release, A Reckoning for Alisha

Finally, A Reckoning for Alisha is available on amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

After a year of a lot of work, it's ready.

Interpol linguist specialist, Magdalena “Maggie’ Fergoso, never hoped to find the daughter she gave up for adoption as an infant. A miracle happens, her daughter finds her. What her daughter, Alisha also finds is Maggie dysfunctional Calo Gypsy clan on the wild lost coast of California. Alisha becomes involved in the archaic ways of the reclusive people. Maggie has her reservations about Alisha's interest in the unique clan, knowing she’ll be rejected because she is a Gadje outsider.
As the pair start to move forward in the new role as mother and daughter, they ignore the orders of the Calo Kriss that Alisha be banished from the small town of Encantar. When the young woman’s body washes up on a beach, Maggie puts her Interpol training to use to find who murdered her daughter and took from her the chance for a new life. In Maggie's eyes, everyone is suspect, including her own clan of Calo Gypsies.

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