Monday, April 8, 2013

Training for a Marathon, Equipment, Part Three

As I said in Part one in Training for a marathon is the cheapest form of exercise. All you need that is your biggest expense, a good pair of running shoes. You need a good pair of comfortable shoes, that are meant for running to prevent injury. Make sure they are meant for running!! There is a ton of shoes out there, that LOOK like running shoes, but aren't.
If you want to enjoy what you're doing a good pair of shoes are the necessity. They offer padding against shock of running on pavement. They can save knees, ankles and hips. As I advice before, if you find a good pair you like, and fit your foot well, buy two pair. They go in and out of style just like clothes do with the season. Here today gone tomorrow, literally. What is very important, they must fit the foot properly. Have your foot fitted for a proper size. Not all shoes are made the same, sized the same or fit the same. Research, research and research again. My personal favorite running shoe is a woman's Nike
running shoe. I try to get them on-sale to buy two pair at a time. As I write, I'm wearing my favorite beat up ugly pair, because I just came in from running stairs at the mall. I LOVE these shoes, but to be honest a friend of mine, who is a runner, hates them. Shoes are a very personal choice, and how it fits your foot and how it feels on the foot makes all the difference. 
The next thing is water bottles. Yes, not all water bottles are created equal. When I'm running I have a waist belt made by Camelbak. It has a bottle holder with for a Camelbak, 22oz water bottle, a small pouch area for my cell phone, and keys. It rest comfortable against the small of my back. Surprisingly running with a 22oz bottle can add weight. There is a number of ways to carry water. There is those belts that with several small bottles around the waist, which is evenly distributed for balance. That is the key, make sure you're not off balance. Then there are the bottles that are easily held in the hand with a handle to fit the hand. Any and all of these can be expensive. For my belt and bottle it was almost $30, but I use it all the time. It was well worth the investment.I've had it for several years now.
The sporting goods industry has really taken advantage of women's desire to look good even while running. I'm appalled at the prices for something like running pants! It's ridiculous! Hunt around on-line for affordable clothing. Name brands aren't necessary, believe me, no one cares. Hit the discount racks at the local sporting goods. I just scooped up a couple of tank tops for $4 apiece. It's also a good time to find stuff for winter that is on clearance. I got a pair of black long jogging pants with a bright orange stripe on the leg for $19.
There is one thing that is a great investment for winter, it's something called a second skin. It's what football players wear in winter on the field. It's a very thin and is great to wear under t-shirts. It really keeps the warmth in and the cold out. No need for bulky sweatshirts, all the time. 
Most everything you buy for running, other than shoes, will last years. Clothing will have to be replaced every few years, shoes, if running a lot, at least twice a year. Still, it's one of the cheapest forms of exercise. If the weather is cold and wet, got to a mall and fast walk, take the stairs, it's keeps the endurance up. If you've got two legs you can walk, run, take stairs, something.  Now go forth and train.

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